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From Brian May <>
Subject Re: Excel in, XML out
Date Fri, 20 Oct 2000 05:30:27 GMT
>>>>> "Donald" == Donald Ball <> writes:

    Donald> there is a program for UNIX called xls2xml:


    Donald> it appears to have been abandoned by its author, but i've
    Donald> used it on odd occasions and it's not too bad. i don't
    Donald> like the way it presents the data, it makes it very
    Donald> difficult to iterate over all of the rows and columns in
    Donald> the active workspace using vanilla XSLT (the gnumeric
    Donald> spreadsheet file format is much easier to work with!). but
    Donald> it is xml.

    Donald> i patched xsl2xml to produce output that was slightly
    Donald> easier for me to work with, let me know if you're
    Donald> interested; i never did get around to using this in a real
    Donald> production project. perhaps if the package were being
    Donald> actively maintained i might be more interested.

Gnumeric can read/write Excel 95 format as well as a compressed
(gzip) XML format, and is actively maintained, by the Gnome


For interactive GUI use only.
Brian May <>

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