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From Brian May <>
Subject Re: how to avoid '/' ?
Date Mon, 02 Oct 2000 23:02:55 GMT
>>>>> "Japan" == Japan  <Stephane> writes:

    Japan> 	Hi everybody, I would like to use cocoon with HDML
    Japan> langage for japanese telephone, but I met problems with
    Japan> page formatting. Indeed, Cocoon put systematically the
    Japan> caracter '/' at the end of the elements it is not able to
    Japan> recognize (I use HTMLFormatter).

For C2, I think you would need to implement your own serializer
(things have now changed so much, so I may be wrong) to use instead of

For C1, you might be able to replace HTMLFormatter with something else.

The problem being that XSL was only meant to XML --> XML
transformation, and you obviously have to filter some of the elements
to appear in HDML format, which is not compatible with XML.  (My guess
is that it is probably SGML based).

You cannot use the HTMLSerializer/HTMLFormatter, because this was
meant to be used for... HTML!

Of course, other people might have different opinions on some of the
stuff I said here, as I am guessing a bit and reading between the
Brian May <>

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