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From Brian May <>
Subject Re: [C2] Cache behaviour
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2000 00:08:48 GMT
>>>>> "Ross" == Ross Burton <> writes:

    Ross> One of the problems with C2 was that no cache information
    Ross> was output to the outside world, i.e. pages which never
    Ross> change and pages which change ever 10 seconds have the same
    Ross> cache parameters in HTTP: none.

I assume you mean the HTTP Last-Modified: and Expires: headers?

    Ross> With C2 we can change this!  Somehow C2 needs to know the
    Ross> lifetime of the data it is processing and include it with
    Ross> the HTTP headers.  This seems intimately related to the
    Ross> internal cache so it might be wise to discuss these
    Ross> together...

    Ross> So: how is the internal cache going to cache data, how will
    Ross> it know when to refresh (are we keeping the C1 interfaces or
    Ross> creating new ones) and can this data be used in the headers,
    Ross> or will be sitemap need a <map:cache/> tag?

Previously, there was a long discussion on this mailing list about this

The proposed solution was to pass expire information between
each pipeline component.

Not sure what has happened with implementation yet though, however
have a look (if possible) at the mailing list archives, for this
mailing list, to get the full details.
Brian May <>

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