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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject [C2] Roadmap
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2000 09:57:45 GMT
C2 is almost there, but a few important things need to be dealt with
*before* the first beta release, on the other hand, we have been
breaking the "release early and often" principle since we forked C2 from

Following the Mozilla example, I suggest to use the "milestone"
approach, keeping it very clear that while the code is supposed to be
stable, the API/schemas/design might change at any time during the
development process and no back-compatibility effort will be provided
until C2 is considered final.

I hear all of you asking: when will C2 be final? It's hard to tell at
this point. I expected a release for ApacheCON Europe but
feature-freezing it at this point would leave us with big problems
unsolved that might require big architectural changes in the future.

Since I don't want you people to rely on contracts that we don't
consider solid enough, it's better for you to wait, or get your hands
dirty directly to make C2 be final. At the same time, I understand that
the issues on the table are pretty design heavy, this is why we need an

I'm starting from Giacomo's TODO list and refactoring it in milestones
and releases. So, M1, M2, M3... are milestones before Cocoon 2.0 final
and 2.1 means Cocoon 2.1 (then, "next release").

Things that depend on each-other are indented.

The name represents the "owner" of the thread.

 - actions (M1) --> Giacomo

 - caching (M1) --> Stefano
   - resource aggregation (M1) --> Stefano
     - documentation (M1) --> ???
   - XSP 1.1 + SiLLy 1.0 (M1) --> Ricardo

I think these are the main topics, everything else is *much* less a
problem from a design decision. The above are the only things that might
require sitemap changes, redesign and so on.

The action plan is:

1) Giacomo will write a document explaining how actions should be
implemented and that is the status of this, problems he encountered and
solutions. We'll invite Jon Stevens and the Turbine people to
partecipate on this discussion since they know all about actions and

2) Ricardo will write a document explaining the ideas for XSP 1.1 and
SiLLy, hopefully, this will happen in the new (and yet to be created!)
XSP-dev mail list so that the AxKit people can help us on this.

3) I'll write a document explaining how I picture caching and content
aggregation taking place in C2. I think I have a pretty clear picture
now and I'm ready to start discussing it. Wait for something today or

4) I would suggest not to start writing docs before we have finished
resource aggregation since this might impact big parts of the system. I
say might because I'm not sure... right now it doesn't (in my mind) but
you might have good ideas that I didn't have that require this.

I will reply to Giacomo's TODO list in another email.

Stefano Mazzocchi      One must still have chaos in oneself to be
                          able to give birth to a dancing star.
<>                             Friedrich Nietzsche

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