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From Gary L Peskin <>
Subject [Re: [Xalan2] Namespaces Problem]
Date Thu, 19 Oct 2000 01:41:33 GMT
> Sebastien Sahuc wrote:
> Gary,
> Please find attached the xml and xsl on which the Xalan2j reports the
> RTREEFRAG error.
> So far I couldn't get what's wrong with them, but I'm sure you'll find
> it easily.
> Thanks,
> Sebastien

Sorry it took so long to get back to you.  I had to take my daughter to
soccer practice.  That's "football" in your neck of the woods.

The problem is in the xsl:variable for local-matcher at around line 401
of your stylesheet.  You have defined it as a result tree fragment and
then try to navigate to attribute nodes using
test="$local-matcher/@factory".  You can't do this for result tree
fragments, only nodesets and this is why Xalan complained.

Just change your xsl:variable to

    <xsl:variable name="local-matcher"

and everything should be okay.


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