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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [RT] Cocoon Emotional Landscapes - semantic searching
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2000 20:42:36 GMT
Paulo Gaspar wrote:
> Hi Stefano,
> Cocoon sure can play a very important role there, but it has a lot to
> evolve in that direction. The problem is still the lack of easy-to-use
> visual design tools and all those bells and whistles.

Separation of concerns: I am assuming Cocoon will create the needs, thus
a market and people will fill that.

Anyway, it might be closer than you think ;-)
> Fact is, most of the web designers at my employer do not go that far
> on text-editing HTML. Dreamweaver rules there. And I guess we are not
> the only ones.

No, not the only one by far. This is what I count on: people will need
these tools so bad they will emerge almost by themselves.
> And the fact is that many really good designers in terms of graphic
> look & style are not good at all on the more technical stuff. Still,
> the look of a site is damn important and we can not waste the
> contribution of those guys.

> Now, XSLT is hard even for many designers that know HTML well. XSLT is
> hard even for some programmers. And there is no good visual tool to
> deal with it. I am not even going to start talking about other stuff.

I am :)
> On the other hand, open standards sell. So:
>  - Maybe the big CMS sharks will start this whole "semantic" process
>    using open standards like XML, XSLT, RDF and so on;
>  - And maybe FrontPage and DreamWeaver will start doing some XSLT and
>    even some RDF in order to work together with those CMSs;
>  - And then, maybe Cocoon really spreads around because it will be a
>    powerful and free open source CMS that uses those open standards
>    too... which means that people will be able to use those future
>    versions of Dreamweaver and FrontPage to cover the "visual design"
>    need.
> Imagine... M$ FrontPage easing the spread of Cocoon!
> I am eager to see if that really happens.
> =;o)

Hmmmm, what if that frontpage is an open source project as well <hint,
hint> ;-)
> I really find it hard to believe that the big sharks will be able to
> close the CMS market on proprietary standards. One reason is that the
> credibility of most big CMSs is going trough a all time low.

I agree, but, we need to be careful... something these things happen
without even noticing...
> Customers will demand open standards to have a way out when something
> goes wrong. (Ok, they will be in deep sh*t anyway, but perception
> rules.)

I totally agree with this.
> So, I am optimist.
> =:o)

> Have fun,

you too :)

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