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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Move to Xalan2J
Date Fri, 13 Oct 2000 11:52:23 GMT
Giacomo Pati wrote:
> In the last couple of days many patches have been made and send to me which I've
> finally integrated and commited.

What a great job you all :)
> Now we have moved Cocoon 2 to Xalan2J which has been made available with great
> effort by Davanum Srinivas, Sebastien Sahuc, Sean Timm and Scott Boag and
> probabbly others I've not realized. This includes the changes to the XSP engine
> which now generates code using SAX events instead of DOM trees. The performance
> gain is respectable and Xalan2J still has a great potential to be further
> optimized (Scott told me it is not optimized at all :)

The part I like the most about this effort (which is the reason why I
wanted to integrate Xalan2 instead of using, say, Saxon or XT) is the
team work we have done with the Xalan project: it was a real pleasure
for me to see so many great people involved in the fixing of all the
little details that make things work smoothly.

In fact, C2 is now forcing everybody to match quickly, it's an
incredible driving force: C2, Avalon, Catalina, Xalan2, Fop are all
working together... it's a great community, it's a great project to be
in and I'm proud of being part of this.

You all should be as well.

And I'm positive Xerces2 will follow us soon and join us in this big

> Paul Russell (sorry, I've misspelled your name in the cvs commits) has
> implemented a component manager for the general components (not sitemap
> components) which respects the new interfaces from the new avalon release. These
> interfaces are used to mark classes as ThreadSafe, SingleThreaded, Poolable or
> Recyclable. With this base implementation we are able to (finally) use the Store
> to save objects for multiple uses (i.e pregenerated or compiled stylesheets).
> Further, the component defined in a sitemap are now available to sub sitemaps
> (sitemap component inheritance). This means that you can use sitemap components
> defined in the parent sitemap without the need to redeclare them.

> I'm sure there are still bugs in all the new code. And because of this I will
> take a break with my family for a few days to let you find all of them and send
> patches and commit them :)

You fully deserve that :)
> A few people have asked to update the TODO list which I haven't been able to do
> for now. But here is a short list with task of thing to do next:
> - Fully integration of the new avalon release.

can you list the details for this?

> - Specifying and implemeting the "Content Aggregation" from the RT series

I'll continue the discussion on this.

> - Going deeper into the "Status and profiling" RT from Paul Russell

I'll let Paul move this forward.
> Any volunter to do that are welcome. And then we should stabilize the system by
> bug hunting and testing.

I'm sure many people are already doing that right now :)
> I need a break for a few days now and I'll be back next Friday and hope to see
> some of you at the ApacheCon afterwards.

The original schedule had a beta release for ApacheCON, but I don't
think we are there yet, so forget about a beta release for the

We might do an alpha release just to make people aware, but without
content aggregation in place, we are not able to clone stylebook and I
don't want to do not a single release with stylebook inside C2.

But I'm open to suggestions.

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