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From Ross Burton <>
Subject Re: getting what's in the ``Attic''
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2000 20:02:00 GMT
Neil Graham wrote:

> I need to know just what Cocoon 2 does (or at least plans) to do with
> XLink implementation.  So, I've looked through the mailing list archives,
> and finally concluded that the best approach was to look at the code
> that's been produced, since it would simply take too long to paint a
> picture through the archives.
> So I CVS checked out the code, and found that, unlike the web-based
> ``repository'' (available at <>), the CVS
> anonymous check out doesn't include the contents of the Attic
> directories--where all the files of interest to me happen to lie.
> Obviously I'm curious about why this is, but more importantly I'd be very
> appreciative if anyone could tell me of some automatic way by which I
> could obtain everything that is in the xml-cocoon repository--including
> all of its ``Attics''.

If you want C2 remember to specify the cocoon-2 branch!  All of the C2
code is in the Attic as that is where code which is not the head of the
tree goes - as C2 is still in development and C1 is the active tree at
present, you have C1.  cvs update -r cocoon2 is the command I think -
IIRC it's on the web site though.

Ross Burton

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