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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [RT] Cocoon Emotional Landscapes
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2000 11:09:41 GMT
Matt Sergeant wrote:
> >  - the XSP language (eXtensible Server Pages)
> >  - the sitemap concept
> >  - the resource view concept
> My only gripe would be that Cocoon somehow invented these
> concepts. DataChannel invented XSP, the sitemap "concept" is built into
> Apache (via <Location> tags and options between those tags)

The "cocoon sitemap" concept is that you compose the pipelines using

For sure it takes from the Apache sitemap, but Apache sitemaps are based
on URI matching only, don't have module chaining, don't have the notion
of views, don't have a bunch of other things.

And they are not compiled but interpreted.

There is huge difference between Cocoon sitemaps and Apache conf file.

> and resource
> views are certainly available in other application servers (before Cocoon
> ever existed), MediaSurface comes to mind. Innovative, not inventive,

Like I wrote in the article, "resource views" are a specific flavor of
"resource variants" and resource variants are explicitly written in the
HTTP RFC so I'm sure others implemented ways to have "resource variants"
in their web technologies.

But I think there is no web technology out there that provides the
concept of "resource view" as I designed it: a projection of a
multi-dimensional resource onto the requested hyperplane.

The "resource variant" concept doesn't take into account
multi-dimensional separation of concerns nor considers the resource

It's a very different thing, even if I agree that all resource views are
resource variants.

It would be like saying that JPython and Java are the same thing because
both can be compiled in JVM bytecode.
> Oh, and you should say 6 years, not 10, for when companies ignored the
> web. Companies didn't even have the possibility of using the web 10 years
> ago (its almost shocking to think it was all that recent...).

Why not? it was there. The first implementation dates 1989.
> Otherwise it was a good piece with some well presented ideas, so please
> don't take what I've said as a flame - just trying to provide some
> external critique.

No problem. Costructive critique is very welcome :)

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