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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [RT] Content aggregation
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2000 22:08:55 GMT
Robin Green wrote:

> Question for Stefano: "Good URIs don't change" is a famous quote - can't
> remember who said it.


> But what about if a site's structure completely changes?

It means you didn't have good URIs :)

No, serious, read below.

> Is it okay to just use an eternal [sic] redirect that is never
> deleted, or must one stick to the same URI space even though it no longer
> reflects the structure of the site? If so why?

Even TBL agrees there is no such thing that is "designed for
eternity"... entropy is reflected on all systems, even the most
brilliant design fill fail in the future... his point is: good design
increases the lifespan of a URI.

By how much? it depends on your entropy level: if your business changes
once a year, it's very likely your URI space will reflect that, but if
you sell, for example, tractors (like my father does), it's very hard
that a carefully designed URI space will change in his lifetime. It's
easier that he runs out of business!

NOTE: change means "renaming" not "adding". Just like for document
schemas, adding something is not a problem since back compatibility is
still enforced, is "moving" something that is creates problems.

Exercise: I'll give you guys a URI and you have to reply (privately, of
course!!) enumerating the point of possible future failures in it and
indicating your choice for the best URI for the resource. I repeat:
"best URI for the resource".

I will post the results on this list.

Here it is:

The lifespan is 50 years.

The entropy is the one normally found in IT technologies (so extremely

have fun :)

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