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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [C2] SitemapManager.class change or bug ?
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2000 10:11:33 GMT
Hans Ulrich Niedermann wrote:

> > > BTW, a step by step HOWTO for installing Cocoon 2 and Tomcat 4.0 is
> > > available from
> > >
> > >  <URL:>
> >
> > Looks good. I think we should somehow integrate DocBook documents into
> > the CVS (even if it's still not decided to you DocBook instead of the
> > simpler cocoon DTDs). Maybe with the new CLI environment it's easier to
> > do that, what do you all think about this?
> >From our last mails about this subject, I figured out we will be using
> a documentation architecture similar to the following:
> 1. Sources of Documentation
>    a) XML files (Apache Document DTD & Co.)
>    b) XML files (Docbook DTD)
>    c) Taglibs, Sitemap, Stylesheets, XSchema Definitions, ...
>       These kind of files may contain documentation elements mixed
>       with the data itself - but using another namespace.
> 2. Pre-Processing into Docbook
>    a) is transformed into Docbook XML
>    b) Docbook stuff remains Docbook
>    c) We let stylesheets transform doc and non-doc elements into some
>       useful reference docs. Result format is Docbook.
> 3. Docbook Processing into Target Formats
>    Two main output formats:
>    -> HTML
>    -> XSL:FO ->(FOP)-> PDF
> So what need and don't have in C2 yet is
> A) "style"sheets ("transformsheets"?) for a)
> B) Docs in 1.c) style and according "style"sheets (more combined
>    filters and transformsheets here)
> C) Stylesheets from Docbook to whatever
> D) A framework (CLI call from ant build system -> cocoon task?) that
>    compiles all docs into HTML and PDF packages
> Some of the remaining questions from my point of view are:
> A) How will all the Docbook files fit together to enable consistent
>    layout with navigation bars?

Look at my "content aggregation" RT for an answer.

> B) What exactly can the c) method do for us?

well, it can give you sitemap descriptions, or posters...

> C) What kinds of extensions to the Docbook DTD do we have to create?
>    I'm thinking about C2 specific stuff as <nav:bar> elements and
>    general markup Docbook doesn't provide yet. The latter can probably
>    be fed back to Docbook.

I'd like to hear Norman before touching anything on docbook... for now,
I'd like to use namespaces for content aggregation and forget about
docbook extensions. Aggregated content will not be validates since it's
generated automatically and can be assumed to be valid (if all the
sources are valid, but than we can validate using normal DocBook DTDs)

> D) Will we write our own docbook2xslfo "style"sheet?

in the future. For now we'll stick with Norman's one.

> E) Stefano wants completely rewritten docbook2html stylesheets. Is the
>    same true for docbook2xslfo?

Cocoon will have a specific look and feel. This requires changes to
Norman's stylesheets.

Careful: this does "NOT" mean that we have to rewrite it completely (no
way!) but it means that we can remove the style part from the structure
part and make them modular.

For an example of what I mean, look at my slides where the navigation
bar (structure) is common to all look and feel's.
> I'm still trying to catch up with CLI, content aggregation and sitemap
> concepts, so more questions are likely to arise.

Send them over :)

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