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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject Re: XSP engine based on SAX
Date Mon, 02 Oct 2000 20:07:31 GMT
> Sebastien Sahuc wrote:
> Hi,
> 2 weeks ago we had a thread highlighting the fact that with a SAX based XSP engine we
would speed up the overall process and reduce the memory footprint.


> see :
> Unfortunately, I would prefer to wait for the Xalan2 integration before jumping in since
we should move directly to TRAX IMHO, and since the Extension isn't fully supported in the

But if we jump in now (with TrAX of course) we are able to support Scott with what we urgently
need :)

> Scott we're ready on our starting block, waiting for your GO signal :-)
> Sebastien
> Original thought on using SAX based XSP engine instead of DOM :
> When the SAX events for the original XSP document is submitted to the XSP
> transformer, then when the 'processing intruction SAX event' is thrown,
> the method 'processingInstruction(target, data)' acts as a controller and
> set a new transformer on the fly that correspond to the stylesheet
> declared in the PI. Therefore all the following SAX events are forwarded
> to the new transformer we've just set up.
> Then this later transformer send its result SAX events to the XSP
> transformer which acts one more time as a controller. And we repeat the
> loop until there is no more PI to handle.

Yes, this is exactly what we've discussed


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