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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject Re: [C2] Short TODO list [was CLI almost there]
Date Sun, 01 Oct 2000 12:59:44 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> Still to do:
> 1) create a fake command line object model... yes, Giacomo, I'll do this
> first as you suggested then we'll see
> 2) add link filtering semantics to the sitemap
> I'll have a finished CLI for Cocoon2.
> In order to totally replace stylebook documentation we still need
> 3) internal aggregation (using the cocoon: uri)

So, please explain me this. I think I need to reorganize my priority
list because my spare time is getting shorter the next weeks :( I think
it would help if other people could help us doing the stuff that is
still needed so much.

I'm still implementing the forthcomming avalon release and it scars me
alot because there are many things to change and reimplement (ie. the
nuked NamedComponentManager) :(. 

And there are still many other things to do before we can call it beta.
Here is a small list:

- XalanTransformers problem with namespaces
- XMLSerializers problem with namespaces
- integration of the ESQL logicsheet doesn't work because of a bug
  in the XSP stuff (it's not the integration itself that scares me but
the fact 
  that it generates uncompilable java code can cause other logicsheet to
fail as 
  well). I've send it to Ricardo but didn't received a valuable answer
- implementing the Action proposal. This weekend I had the time to study 
  Struts because someone mentioned it here. I've seen that our Action
  is exactly what Struts is all about (more or less). But I think we
  a much more componentized model.
- And other think I forgot to write down here.

> Giacomo, why don't you focus on #3 and I focus on #1 and #2? they are
> totally orthogonal things and can be done in parallel.
> What do you say? It should take long, but you know better than me where
> to place the pieces in that (admittedly very hard) sitemap.xsl
> logicsheet (how about adding some comments to it? it is code after all)

Yes, my friend. I'll do all the commenting as soon as I've finished all
the other implentation stuff and I've disziplined myself to comments
things during coding :)


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