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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: TagLib requires new Jars
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2000 12:41:04 GMT
>>If I were to add this new TagLib to Cocoon Dist, I would also have to add
>>two new Jars (mail.jar and activation.jar) from  Sun to Cocoon, so that it
>>can still compile.
>>Is this acceptable, or is there another approach that people would prefer?
>It's not acceptable because Stefano reported that the Apache PMC decided 
>that only Apache-licensed files would be allowed in CVS. But you can make 
>the taglib just like the XT processor and the FESI DCP module - optional at 
>build stage - see build.xml.

I am not sure how far reaching an effect this has had. No source is allowed
in CVS that is not APL and copyright Apache but binary modules are fine (as
long as they are free to distribute). If not you wouldn't be allowed to
include half the libs that are in the various projects. 

The only valid restrictions I have seen is with regard to security related
stuff as the server is located in US. However with the laws recently
changed it would even be legal to distribute some (if not all) security
orientated libs.



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