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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject Re: [C2] Short TODO list [was CLI almost there]
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2000 14:41:11 GMT

Am not sure if this is fixed yet, Found a bunch of problems with Xalan2 dev snap shot
(xml-xalan_20001003101806.tar.gz) which i downloaded this morning. 

1. Before building Xalan.JAR, and should be placed in
and serialize directories respectively.

2. To overcome the initialization problem for Extensions,  (around
line 579) has to be modified a bit.
          if (isClass) 
            // Try to initialize only if it is a java class.
            classObject = Class.forName (cname);
            // System.out.println("classObject: "+classObject);
            javaObject = classObject;
            // We'll only do this if they haven't called a ctor.
            // javaObject = classObject.newInstance ();
3. has bogus entries...Is this by design. Does C2 have to place its
serializers as entries in this file?


--- wrote:
> > Hmmm, I'd like to use the Cocoon configurations instead (you never know
> > if you'll be able to set the system properties in a servlet sandboxed
> > servlet environment), Scott, is the trax processor factory configurable
> > from the external?
> I'm pretty unhappy with what's there now.  We try to load from the system,
> then, if we fail, we load from a .properties file, and set the system
> properties.  I think we might take better advantage of using
> getResourceAsStream without setting the system properties (I think SAX uses
> the system props, though).
> Suggestions are welcome.  I can think of a number of ways the current code
> could be improved, but I would like to get input first from you Cocoon
> folks.

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