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Subject RE: [C2] SVG Serializer - new CSIRO release
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2000 22:31:31 GMT
Hi Ross,

1 is the most simple approach but may isolate SVG by forcing a VM upgrade.
2 will be time consuming for you and add a delay before CSIRO new release availability in
C2 dev version
3 might create some confusions, provide a frozen SVG version for 1.2, require more samples
and documentations but leverage the flexibility of C2 serializer.

I use JDK1.3 with C2 to do some SVG testing, I personally prefer solution 1 :-)

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From: Ross Burton []
Sent: Thursday, October 12, 2000 12:57 PM
Subject: [C2] SVG Serializer - new CSIRO release


The more alert readers would have noticed that CSIRO have just announced
another release of the SVG Toolkit.  I would have normally tested this
and upgraded the SVG Serializer to the latest version if it was okay -
but there is one problem: it requires JDK 1.3.  Cocoon 2 is aimed at
requiring JDK 1.2.

So, do we:

1) Use the new package anyway, and mention that SVG stuff is 1.3 only.
2) try and backport the 1.3 specific code to 1.2, or at least make it
or 3) Create another SVG serializer for download which used the new
packages, and keep the current 1.2 serializer in the main package

Ross Burton

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