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Subject RE: RE: [C2] NullPointerException
Date Fri, 13 Oct 2000 09:41:13 GMT

> > Just as I was looking forward to a super-fast C2 based on

> > Xalan 2, 
> Well don't expect too much performance gain with the current
Xalan2 version
> since it hasn't be optimized at all. It will be shortly, scott
sweared it
> :-)
> But at least the SAX based compilation mechanism bring some
design and
> memory footprint benefits, which is a first good move.

> > I get
> > a NPE. The browser is returned a NPE from Sitemap.process(),
but the
> > action error is on the console. Below is the stack trace
> > yourself). Now - am I missing something? Tomcat 3.2 (possibly
- it's
> > from a CVS snapshot just after the milestone think) and I'm

> > sure all of
> > the libraries are in place.
> > > What is strange is that Sun's XML code is being called
> > Xerces/Xalan is in front of it in the classpath...
> Indeed it's weird. Could you get rid of this Sun library from
> classpath, and check again ? Indeed if you have the jaxp.jar
> xerces.jar or xalan.jar that would be a rational explanation.

I did remove parser.jar and I still got the error - not sure
what was going on.

I solved this by ditching Tomcat 3 and moving to Tomcat 4M2!

C2 did seem faster to me with the new Xalan/all SAX system though.
 Well done
guys!  Can't wait for the Xalan optimisations...

Ross Burton

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