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Subject RE: Re: [C2] CLI almost there
Date Wed, 04 Oct 2000 13:17:19 GMT

> ross> I think that's my fault.  Originally the SVG samples
wrote to
> ross> PNGs, but they depended on JAI being installed.  The
JPEG encoder,
> ross> whilst being slow, is installed with most JDKs.  I changed
> ross> encoder but neglected to change the text.
> ross> If I can get a net connection at home tonight, I'll fix
> I would have thought PNG was better suited to this type of
graphic, as
> PNG is lossless.

Yes, it is.  That is why I originally used the PNG encoder. 
However, that meant
that I had to either:

a) comment out all SVG samples in the sitemap as not all machines
have JAI, or
b) assume JAI and break C2 on machines without JAI.

> What is JAI?

Java Advanced Imaging.  Actually the Image Encoders only use
the codecs which
come with JAI, they are being pulled into a seperate library
called Image I/O at
the moment.

I have some docs for the SVG Serializer and Image Encoders on
my machine, I'll
try and make them work properly tonight and commit them.

Ross Burton

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