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From Conny Krappatsch <>
Subject Internationalization
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2000 07:36:53 GMT

we are about to develop some internationalization 'tool' for cocoon.
You can take this mail as a proposal and every comment is very welcome.

With internationalization I meen marking character data in an XML file for
translation into different languages.

The requirements are:
1. a very short syntax: internationalization shouldn't require much additional
writing (the translation itself requires some additional work, of course).
2. Flexible handling of dynamicly generated content: Replacing a static text
by a corresponding translated text is easy. But if the text contains dynamic
content, that content may have different order in different languages (example
3. Support multiple languages by some sort of runtime passed parameter

The markup could look like the following:

<tr>this text will be translated</tr>

[<tr> stands for 'translate'; I ommitted any namespace info]

The text between the <tr> tags will be taken as key in a translation table.
For a given number of documents the keys of this table can be created
automatically by searching the documents for the <tr> tags.

Some character data may contain dynamically created content which itself can
have different order (within the localized text) in different languages. Here's
an example (dynamic content in curly brackets}:
In english one would say: We are a {team} of {4}.
In german you say: Wir sind ein {4}er-{team}.

[It's a silly example, I know. Everyone understanding what I mean, is free to
provide a better one.]

The example shows, that we need some sort of parameters:
    <text>We are a $1 of $2.</text>

The characters between <text> tags are the key in the translation table. The
replacement text must contain the same number of parameter references ($1, $2)
like the key, but the order of the references can be different (i.e. $2 before

So the internationalization tool has to perform the following actions (for a
given XML document):

1. Find the tags belonging to it's grammar (using namespaces)
2. Determine the target language
3. Find the given key in the translation table and replace it with the
appropriate target language text.
4. replace parameter references with the given parameter values.

Our intention is to write a processor (resp. a transformer for C2) which does
the job.
The target language could be passed by parameter to the processor/transformer.

Does this sound reasonable? Did we overlook something? Or is anybody doing
something similar (maybe with a different approach)?


(I'm not native english speaker. If something sounds odd, don't hesitate to
correct me.)

Conny Krappatsch                    
SMB GmbH                              

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