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From John Morrison <>
Subject Re: new sql logicsheet! -Reply
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2000 08:34:36 GMT
>>>> Sylvain Wallez <> 6/September/2000
>07:26am >>>
>Donald Ball a ecrit :
>> On Tue, 5 Sep 2000, Per Kreipke wrote:
>> > > > This behaviour is allowed by JDBC. ResultSet javadoc states
>"For maximum
>> > > > portability, ResultSet columns within each row should be read in
>> > > > left-to-right order and each column should be read only once."
>> > >
>> > > Geez. Pardon my language, but that is simply ass.
>> >
>> > I love tech talk :) It's a shitty constraint but it might help speed up lots
>> > of implementations, which JDBC needs as far as I can tell (or maybe
>it's the
>> > JDBC-ODBC bridge that's slow).
>> note that the JDBC-ODBC bridge is terrible and is really not
> for use in production environments - not only is it slow only implements
>>> JDBC minimally, it's known to have thread safety issues under
>> circumstances. if you're stuck with access, i'm pretty sure there is a
>> type 4 driver for access specifically (i could easily be wrong tho).
>> access itself has been known to corrupt data when multiple
>processes are
>> operating on the database simultaneously. my take - access is fine for
>> rapid prototyping if you get off on that kind of thing but use a real
>> database (mysql, postgresql, oracle, etc.) for storing real data.
>That's exactly how I discovered this "feature" of JDBC : prototyping
>with Access an application that will run on Oracle.
>> i think i'll probably simply stick to getString if the user wants me to
>> cacheValues.
>IMO, that's the most frequent case of column reuse within a row.

Gross isn't it.  I agree, most of the time I want to reuse a value I want to
use it in another query.  If I don't then I darn (can't swear - open
forum!) well know what type I want and I can (if needs must) do the cast

I did think of maybe 'looking' ahead with the xsp to see if the value is
retrieved twice and doing some fancy caching of the values that are
(should, I think, be feasable - interesting idea, generating code which
chooses a caching technique depending upon future use!). But I don't
think I can follow the logicsheet well enough to do the mod.  Donald?

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