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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: debugging XSPs
Date Thu, 07 Sep 2000 08:13:48 GMT
At 00:03 +0100 07/09/00, Robin Green wrote:
>Donald Ball <> wrote:
>> > Is there any way of debugging (tracing, breakpoints etc.) Cocoon XSP
>> > or libraries used by XSP?
>> >
>> > I use TomCat 3.2b (standalone) and CodeWarrior IDE on Mac and PC.
>>sure. fire up the tomcat process using jdb instead of java. or there's
>>some way to attach jdb to a running jvm, dunno what it is offhand tho.
>>- donald
>For the latter, the tomcat process has to be started with the cmdline option
>-debug or -Xdebug This will print out a password for attaching.
>Then you start jdb using jdb -attach
>You should also be able to use an IDE like Netbeans which can attach to a
>running VM for debugging. Just mount the repository directory in the
>Netbeans explorer window to see the source code (I would think).

Thanks Robin, I'll give that a go.

regards Jeremy

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