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From Hans Ulrich Niedermann <>
Subject Re: CVS XSP
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2000 22:29:44 GMT
Morrison  John <> writes:

> I've considered doing an XSP logicsheet to do this, but some none of
> the JavaCVS clients appear to either 
> a) work very well
> b) don't yet implement required functionality
> c) the architecture isn't very clear/clean
> There's also the problem that you have to have a checked out
> repository on the machine which is serving requests, ie: 
> browser -> Apache/Cocoon + local repository -> (CVS instruction) -> CVS Server
> where CVS instruction is, for example, log of a file.
> Problems:
> * Diskspace
> * Update frequency
> * Initially checking out the code (time...)
> * request latency (ie query to you, request to CVS server, wait,
>   response from CVS server, you transform, reply!) 
> Any takers I'll certainly help but my time is _very_ limited.

The Roxen webserver <URL:> has the nifty feature
of "mounting" a CVS tree somewhere into the URI space. This feature
lets you access the current revision of all files I through the web

I don't know how they solve all these problems, but I have used this
CVS mount feature with a local CVS repository and it worked quite
well then (end of 1998/early 1999).


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