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From Donald Ball <>
Subject Re: xinclude example
Date Sat, 16 Sep 2000 18:27:16 GMT
On 15 Sep 2000, fleur diana dragan wrote:

> Hi,
> While playing around with Cocoon and the xinclude processor, I wrote
> what I think is a better example for it, and I thought I'd share.  I've
> attached a patch file.  I've never contributed stuff via patch file
> before, and I'm not positive I've got it correct, so I've included the
> commands I used to get it.  It does seem to work properly when I apply
> it. 
> [fleur@woodchuck ~/src]$ cd xml-cocoon-dev/samples/xinclude/
> [fleur@woodchuck ~/src]$ diff -Naur xml-cocoon-pure/samples/xinclude xml-cocoon/samples/xinclude
>> xinclude_patch
> Hope someone finds this useful.

i added it to the samples directory, thanks lots!

- donald

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