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From Donald Ball <>
Subject Re: [1.8] Let's get this right
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2000 02:52:28 GMT
On Wed, 13 Sep 2000, Michael Engelhart wrote:

> > what we've done in the past is once the code is pretty stable and we want 
> > to release, stefano tests it under apache/win, i test it under
> > apache/linux, and if everything seems fine, we push it out. sure, a more 
> > formal testing procedure would be nice, but we haven't exactly been
> > swamped with offers by highly responsive people to test on other platforms 
> > - nor do we have much of a test suite.
> Interesting though.  What would everyone envision a test suite should have  
> in it's bag of tricks.  Maybe between all of us we have enough code to  
> create a test suite if we could define what it should/shouldn't do.

most testing could occur on developers' machines. for a start at a test
suite, you could have an ant task that checked the output of those samples
that are executable on all platforms and see that it is what was expected.
that would be a help, but what would really help would to do have a job to
check that stuff that might vary across servlet engines. for cocoon
itself, the most chancy code across servlet engines is the path
translation rule set. the second most chancy thing is probably thread
related stuff. i can't really think of much else that one would in one
servlet environment but not another. the former is easy to test, the
latter quite difficult to do well i'd imagine.

- donald

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