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Subject Re: [C2]Access control using sitemap
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2000 03:12:06 GMT
On Mon, 11 Sep 2000, Giacomo Pati wrote:

> Peter Donald wrote:
> > 
> > At 10:43  10/9/00 +0200, Giacomo Pati wrote:
> > >The example above is probably misleading because we don't have a Action
> > >component in the sitemap so far. Generally speaking I think a Sitemap
> > >Action is an object that acts upon an application model based on data
> > >supplied by the environments objectModel (ie Request). It's its
> > >responsability to make some data available to the Sitemap engine as
> > >further selection/matching criteria (a List object) as well as in the
> > >objectModel for other sitemap components
> > ... snip ...
> > 
> > yes I like this :P. I think it does all that I would require - thou I will
> > try and break it next weakend to see if I can :P
>                         ^^^^^^^
> Where is your weak end ;)

ack ! :P

> What you mean with "try and break". If you mean something like
> implementing it, so wait. I have a C2 version on my hd that I use to
> experiment with the mentioned Action component to see if this would work
> like excpected (you must know I mostly can't resist testing things that
> are easy and quickly to implemented ;-). I had this extension to C2 in
> mind for a couple of days. 

kewl. By try and break - I merely meant mental exercises -
go over all the sites I created and try to see if that
approach could work on all of them. If it doesn't break then
I try to think of wierd and wonderful scenarios that it may
break in - or be too much work and try to figure out if said
scenario is 
a> likely to occur
b> can be done a different way better
c> is important to support

> > not really - it is impossible for an individual action to "discover" the
> > other actions as the data may come in via post/get/cookies/other and is
> > really a container issue - where actions are contained. There needs to be a
> > way to grab all actions that have been passed to webapp (rather than those
> > that are implicit via sitemap) and store them.
> Oh, you mean something like pushing the current request onto a stack,
> executing an other request (pipeline) and if it's signaling ok
> re-request from that stack afterwards?

yep essentially.

Well anyways I will have a shot this WEEKend.




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