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From Donald Ball <>
Subject RE: new sql logicsheet!
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2000 19:44:02 GMT
On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, Per Kreipke wrote:

> Thanks. Very helpful! I use Access when developing locally but the
> production server is using MS SQL Server 7.0, but I was still using the
> bridge. I'll look around to see if there's a native JDBC suite for SQL7
> (know of any?).

sure do. weblogic has got one, it's a little pricy and... oddly packaged,
or at least it used to be. didn't follow the standard naming conventions
either, though i yelled at them so maybe they've changed (right). i had
better experience with the inetdae driver - from a nice german company,
reasonably priced, but don't expect much documentation or easy access to
tech support. of course, if it works right, what documentation do you

> Just curious, why is that? If the default is "no", you can't just test in an
> <xsl:if> for the attribute? Not recommended?
> I was about to start writing my own taglibs, should I not use default values
> for attributes and check for their existence?

no, that's fine, it's just that when i'm getting values from the
resultset, i'm going to have to either get them from the real resultset or
from the cache (or get them from the real resultset into the
cache) depending. not hard, just icky.

btw, when writing logicsheets, my rule of thumb regarding attributes
v.s. elements is as follows: if you want the value to be able to vary at
run-time (e.g. from a request variable or a cookie) use an element,
otherwise use an attribute.

- donald

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