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Subject Re: Problem with Xalan1 and namespaces
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2000 14:13:35 GMT

Don's got it working with Stylebook, which uses DOM-to-DOM transformations,
so I assume it should work with the Cocoon transformations.  If not, please
send us a stack dump or problem report, and we'll get it fixed ASAP.


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> > I've done some testings too and found that DOM support is somehow
> lacking in Xalan2 and this is extremely needed in the XSP engine.
> Giacomo, when was the last time you tried?  We're hoping that DOM support
> is reasonably stable now.

It was in the middle of last week. I've tried to transform the sitemap
with all DOMs as the XSP engine will do it (input, stylesheet, output)
with no luck

It was only a quick test because I don't have the time to knee also into
this area and also because I remembered that Sean has been doing that.


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