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Subject Re: C2 & Xalan2 Status Update
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2000 21:39:38 GMT

Yep, I think I mentioned in my previous email that there were still issues
with extensions.  I'll try and work on this in the next couple of days.


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I tried to run my changes to the C2 codebase against the latest Xalan2, and
it got further, but it still has problems.  It doesn't appear to like the
extension functions in the sitemap when transformed through code, but it
works fine from the command-line.  I sent a stack trace to Scott & Myriam
take a look at.  It's getting closer...:)

Stefano mentioned that Ken is also working on this.  Ken, if you're out
there, could you shoot me an email letting me know what you've done on
I'd like to consolidate what we've done if possible.

- Sean T.

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