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From "Per Kreipke" <>
Subject RE: new sql logicsheet!
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2000 20:10:13 GMT
> > Thanks. Very helpful! I use Access when developing locally but the
> > production server is using MS SQL Server 7.0, but I was still using the
> > bridge. I'll look around to see if there's a native JDBC suite for SQL7
> > (know of any?).
> sure do. weblogic has got one, it's a little pricy and... oddly packaged,
> or at least it used to be. didn't follow the standard naming conventions
> either, though i yelled at them so maybe they've changed (right). i had
> better experience with the inetdae driver - from a nice german company,
> reasonably priced, but don't expect much documentation or easy access to
> tech support. of course, if it works right, what documentation do you
> need?

Again, thanks!

> > Just curious, why is that? If the default is "no", you can't
> just test in an
> > <xsl:if> for the attribute? Not recommended?
> >
> > I was about to start writing my own taglibs, should I not use
> default values
> > for attributes and check for their existence?
> no, that's fine, it's just that when i'm getting values from the
> resultset, i'm going to have to either get them from the real resultset or
> from the cache (or get them from the real resultset into the
> cache) depending. not hard, just icky.

Ah, that's what you meant. Knew I was being naiive :-)

> btw, when writing logicsheets, my rule of thumb regarding attributes
> v.s. elements is as follows: if you want the value to be able to vary at
> run-time (e.g. from a request variable or a cookie) use an element,
> otherwise use an attribute.

I've noticed that. I'll keep it in mind!


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