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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject [vote] 1.8 release proposal
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2000 23:55:14 GMT
Okay, how about this for a schedule: (too formal, I know!) If anyone wants 
to change it, better make it quick!

* I'll commit what I've done so far on the FAQ tomorrow (Saturday), plus 
some other minor changes. Unlike weekdays I can stay online for free all the 
time at weekends, so I'll be able to get more done online.

* Feature freeze 00:00 GMT (not BST) Monday - i.e. no new features, only 
minor bugfixes and doc improvements

* Around the same time I'll send emails to cocoon-users and cocoon-dev 
asking for testers to download from CVS and test, and report back what 
configuration they have and whether there were any problems. Testing period 
will be four days, Monday to Thursday. Clearly users who want to be more 
cautious can wait a while and read cocoon-users to discover anything that 
comes up after release. I'm not planning to do significant testing myself, 
but, if no-one else bothers - well, we can live with it.

* On Friday I'll write release notes (including a note about adding 
turbine-pool.jar for XSP to work), and do the release, barring really 
serious problems. (In order to find time for this, based on past experience 
I _may_, emphasise _may_, have to postpone reading some emails received 
after Thursday afternoon.)

(I'm interpreting Donalds' deadline as Friday.)

Auto-reloading enhancements and FP enhancements can be included in a future 
release. Hopefully 1.8.1 won't be far off, if I have anything to do with it.


P.S. I have CVS working fine now - it's just a matter of finding time.

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