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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: C2: Uploader needed
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2000 22:50:52 GMT
"Ochoa Marcelo F." <> wrote:
>     I have a dowload / upload functionality in DB Prism 1.1.0 - dev which 
>as Producer (Generator under 2.0) of Cocoon 1.7.x

2. I expect Marcelo's code is probably much better, because I just rewrote a 
servlet that I didn't fully understand, hence it's still quite messy (but in 
better shape than the servlet was IMO!) - but for what it's worth I've 
attached a Cocoon 1 XSP page that you just possibly might find useful (as a 
reference maybe) which does uploading. It does work, even under Tomcat 3.1 
(which sometimes has problems with uploading). Sorry I haven't attached the 
relevant classes, but they are trivial really, they just work out where to 
save the file etc. - you should be able to get rid of all references to 
them, see the comments.

3. There is also the O'Reilly servlet classes; unfortunately they cannot be 
included in a cocoon distribution because the license conflicts - it says 
commercial use requires each developer on the team to buy the Java Servlets 
book from O'Reilly. Also the class was too inflexible for our needs at my 
last workplace (we needed to generate the directory and filename to save 
under, based on session etc.). So I would forget about them.


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