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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Fwd: Re: [1.8] Let's get this right
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2000 20:29:14 GMT
Will reply to this later.

-- forwarded message --
>From: Ulrich Mayring <>
>To: Robin Green <>
>Subject: Re: [1.8] Let's get this right
>Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 09:55:44 +0200
>Robin Green wrote:
> >
> > -1 on releasing now.
> > Exactly. This is a big worry of mine too. (Not so much with Cocoon 
> > but with classes I've written to run in a cocoon environment - but 
> > another story.)
>Yes, exactly - third party stuff, basically. Sure, I could throw my
>stuff into a contrib directory and write a README saying that perhaps
>the thing won't work, unless you have the same setup as I do. But
>really... that's not quality.
> > Cocoon is more and more being used in production sites (see livesites 
> > there must be a fair few more that we don't know about!), so why not 
> > have a few days official testing period on cocoon-dev? No need to rush 
> > forward a few days just because of a feeling that "a release is long
> > overdue" - which it is, I agree, but not _desperately_ so.
>I think you could also appoint some users to the testing squad. Say one
>of the users has a Bea Weblogic setup, but that is not "officially"
>supported by cocoon. So this user tests the release candidate and writes
>a report. If it doesn't work the release does not have to be held back,
>but the testing report will be helpful to other users.
> > So how about defining two variables that we should test.
> >
> > 2. Servlet engines:
> > a) Tomcat is designated by Sun as the official reference implementation 
> > the Servlet API, so this is a no-brainer
> > b) JServ - still widely used, and is 2.0 as opposed to Tomcat which is 
> > c) one other - suggestions?
>I think JServ and Tomcat is enough.
> > Again, not academic - one of the taglibs doesn't have 2.0 compliance 
> > now. If we could just ensure that the candidate release worked on two 
> > and 3 specified engines (no need to test all 6 combinations), that would 
> > a step in the right direction.
>Definitely. It used to be (when I started using cocoon) that JServ was
>the "ServletEngine of Choice" for cocoon, as Tomcat was still unstable.
>So now I'm using JServ on our live site and find it very disturbing that
>parts of cocoon are not JSDK2.0-compatible. This should either be fixed
>or JServ should be dropped from the list (in which case I can justify to
>my employer that I need to spend weeks on converting everything from
>JServ to Tomcat).
> > P.S. Uli - if you want to contribute to this discussion, ensure that 
> > subscribed to cocoon-dev.
>I thought users, 3rd party developers, testers and bug reporters talk
>here, cocoon developers on cocoon-dev? I think if we bring all the
>technical discussions to cocoon-dev, then Stefano will unsubscribe from
>that as well - and we don't want that, do we? :)
>Ulrich Mayring
>DENIC eG, Systementwicklung

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