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From WAS Online <>
Subject Re: Apache and Tomcat
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2000 16:33:45 GMT
Peter Verhage wrote:
> First of all, there is no cocoon.war file in the Cocoon 2.0 CVS
> download, there is a webapp dir, and if I copy that one to the tomcat
> webapps dir it seems to work if I connect to Tomcat at port 8080. But if
> I use mod_jk to make Tomcat work with Apache I just get to see the
> directory content, and not the welcome screen etc. I think that's
> because of a configuration fault in WEB-INF but I really don't know what
> I'm talking about :)
> I hope this isn't the wrong mailinglist for this question... :/

you have to build that cocoon.war to make it apear :) if you look in
build.xml you will get more information about how to do it. It is simply
an ant target which does nothing more than packing the cocoon classes as
well as the depending libs into one file, which is unpacked again in the
tomcat webapps folder.
As you are using the latest CVS tree one should mention that you have to
use the CVS version of Tomcat 4.0 (aka catalina) to make cocoon get to
work. You will find catalina in the jakarta-tomcat cvs under proposals.
If you get catalina to work, and build cocoon with the dist.war option
on catalinas home all you have to do is start catalina to see the
welcome page of cocoon (at localhost:8080/cocoon). No config of WEB-INF
The hard part about it is getting catalina to work. It took me some
little modifications on the build.xml and stuff to get them to work all
together. Once you have done that installation of cocoon shouldnt be too

hope that helps,


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