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From WAS Online <>
Subject Re: DirectoryGenerator on latest CVS build (25-09-00)
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2000 16:22:49 GMT
Giacomo Pati wrote:
> --- WAS Online <> wrote:
> > Hi there,
> >
> > finally i got C2 to work with catalina... (phew) which cost me a lot
> > of
> > nerves, since the repositories do not seem to be in a 'synchronized'
> > state at all, as i had to edit a lot of files to get all that
> > components
> > to work whith each other. Anyway, may problem is of another kind:
> Can you explain your problems? I usually compile Tomcat-4.0 with 'build
> dist', put all jars from [cocoon2]/lib (except ant and stylebook I
> think) into dist/tomcat-4.0/lib and put the cocoon.war file into
> dist/tomcat-4.0/webapps (I remember having expanded the cocoon.war
> manualy into a cocoon directory)

i have not had the problems with the cocoon deployment, but rather with
the installation of catalina (which probably should be discussed in some
other mailinglist).
But finally everything does work beautiful :)

> > The DirectoryGenerator does not give any conent of a directory to me.
> > I
> > really do not why, since i get all the System.out messages on the
> > cataline console which list a lot of files which i expect to be on
> > the
> > xml output of the DirectoryGenerator. But it gives me an empty list.
> > (No
> > exception or anything, just a page that says directorylisting of...
> > and
> > parent directory)
> > Is there anything i may have forgotten, as for example security
> > issues,
> > or something else?!?
> It has worked some weeks ago but honestly hadn't the time to look at
> it.  Did you try to look at the output of the DirectoryGenerator
> directly (without a transformation step)?

oh well yes... that must have been changed since the last commit of
either the xslt or the generator.
i have been able to produce a valid .xml output without the
the transformation itself was using another namespace 'dir:' and the xml
output had no namespace at all. So i guess i have been updating right in
between somebody elses work :)
does work fine now, thanks a lot.


btw: is it possible to trigger cocoon to reload the sitemap, to not
always restart the servlet engine?

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