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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject Re: AW: switching to C2 was: [Re: re project using cocoon 2.x@2]
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2000 16:13:11 GMT
Hi Matthiew

Matthew Langham wrote:
> >>
> Currently, I think -still IMHO- that cocoon2 is not accessible enough
> (not in term of installation, neither code or understanding, but rather
> in term of downloading and use), and cocoon1 should start fading away...
> Indeed in the dev mailing list, the main thread are Cocoon2 related, and
> very few are dealing with Cocoon1.
> <<

Yes, there still aren't such thing like "daily snapshots". And I
appreciate you initiative. As soon as we think it is mature for beta we
will look for that.

> We would also like to see C2 pushed more to the front. We have a
> distribution set up (including everything you need to do a C2 setup on
> Windows NT/2000) which we would put out for download - just as soon as this
> would be acceptable. At the moment we  are delaying this until it is felt
> that C2 has come far enough.

We have an outstanding Avalon release comming soon. I'm getting in touch
with it and have realized that the changes are substantial. I'm
preparing a shell script to do the main stuff automatically. If anybody
else is interested in this let me know (yes, Carsten, it will happen
again :).

> We have been using C2 as a base for our developments and think it is already
> very stable. Check out our C2 based site for more
> on this.

This is very great news and I think that such a statement will help
moving people from C1 to C2. Thank you for sharing your experience with


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