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From Niclas Hedhman <>
Subject C2 Generator programmers...
Date Wed, 20 Sep 2000 13:34:53 GMT

<niclas:shameless-plug motive="desperation, necessity for sleep" >

We have an urgent need for Cocoon 2 skills our organisation. We are
looking at publishing a Jini Service Network through Cocoon to the net.
There are currently 14 distinct Jini Services in the works, and they
will probably have one Generator each for GET and POST requests. We will
also need a couple of general purpose Generators as well, for instance
DiscoveryLookupGenerator, EntryGenerator and so on.

The general purpose generators will be donated to Cocoon.

We are willing to pay handsomely for prompt production of these
components. We are willing to discuss any arrangement, freelance,
contracted, short or longterm employment - located in Malaysia or

We also have needs for Java skills in fields of Jini, distributed
environment, hardware interfacing, SVG graphing, graphics design, XSL,
and more.

Contact me directly for more info.

</ niclas:shameless-plug >

Everyone, sorry for the above, but a "man got to do what a man go to
do", right? And all other avenues has been tried with little result.

The good side of it will be a Jini bridge built into Cocoon for
everyones benefit.


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