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From Herbert Hotz <>
Subject Converting XML and XSL files
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2000 23:20:10 GMT
Hi all,

I'm a Cocoon newbie and trying hard to understand the fascinating
world of XML! Congratulations to the Cocoon architects and of
course to those providing all the neccessary libraries!

Since software is always in transition I ask if there is already
something in the queue to translate XML/XSL files validated for
release x-1 to files valid for release x?

Particularly I have the task to convert XSL from FOP 13 to 14, because
many of the promised DTD features are not implmented and, because
of that, creating PDF files is somewhat difficult. Consulting the source
to find out if a feature is implemented (or just partly implemented) is
hard! :-(

Greetings to all

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