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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: C2 documentation (was: [C1] The new FAQs...)
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2000 21:58:38 GMT
Hans Ulrich Niedermann wrote:
> Stefano Mazzocchi <> writes:
> > C2 will generate it's own documentation, I've been stopped by the
> > compiler classpath shit for a while but I plan to have something ready
> > to show soon.
> How will this work btw?

eh, eh, different from what you'd expect, trust me, but once you get it,
it will blow you out of this planet... and I mean it.

I'll write some architectural docs explaining what to do... and what not
to do.

> We were talking about migrating our docs to
> Docbook in the future but Docbook XSL stylesheets won't generate the
> Stylebook look & feel without major additions.

Hmmm, can you elaborate more on this?

> And I
> don't have any idea of how to integrate Document DTD, Stylebook
> generated pages smoothly with Docbook DTD, Docbook XSL generated
> pages.

No, that won't happen, we have to get rid of DocumentDTD-based
stylesheets... everything should pass thru Docbook before being styled.
> Perhaps one way to do it is to write Docbook <book>s and generate
> convenient HTML pages via several XIncludes and stuff. This would
> allow for printable docs as well as really fancy HTML pages with
> common navigation bars and looks etc. This would of course require
> some major additions to the HTML Docbook XSL stylesheets.

No, we should write our own Docbook XSL stylesheets.
> Talking about printable documentation: FOP still has some problems
> with whitespace handling, i.e. line breaks in program listings are
> ignored completely. The FO Docbook XSL stylesheets seem to be mostly
> OK for our purposes (still some minor flaws that can and will be
> fixed). I haven't tried other FO->PDF converters yet, though.
> BTW, I have converted xdocs/sitemap.xml to Docbook using my
> document2docbook.xsl stylesheet and some manual improvements. Docbook
> XML and the HTML, XSL:FO and FOP-generated PDF are available from
> <URL:> if you're
> interested in this.

Uh, cool.
> And last but not least, I think it may be preferrable to use
> Docbook generating stylesheets instead of HTML generating stylesheets
> for automatic doc creation out of taglibs, the sitemap, etc.

Totally agreed.
> My last exam of this year is scheduled for Thursday week and I plan to
> spend some days on creating stylesheets and converting stuff to
> Docbook after that.

This is great, I'll let you know when the stuff is ready to play with
and what to do.

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