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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject Re: Problem with Xalan1 and namespaces
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2000 21:22:57 GMT
"Timm, Sean" wrote:
> Giacomo Pati [] wrote:
> > I remember Sean Timm having done some work toward Xalan2 in
> > C2. Are you
> > still on the list, Sean? Have you a status about your work?
> I've been on vacation the last couple of weeks, 

Lucky man :)

> so I'm responding to old
> email, so if someone has already made this work in my absence, so much the
> better!

I don't think so. Too many wars on too many fronts with too few soldiers

> Anyway, I did create a TrAX transformer and made several other changes that
> should have made Xalan2 work with C2.  Unfortunately, it was dying during
> transformation of the sitemap, so I haven't seen it work, yet.  I've held on
> to an old codebase to get Xalan2 working before worrying too much about
> integrating into the latest C2 code.  Before I left, I was able to track
> down to what was happening, but I'll have to root around a bit to get back
> to where I left off.  Xalan2 may have improved since I've been gone, too, so
> I'll try it out to see if things work any better.

I've done some testings too and found that DOM support is somehow
lacking in Xalan2 and this is extremely needed in the XSP engine. SAX
support seems to be ok for Transformers so far.

> Integrating Xalan2 is still a strong goal for me, so I'll be actively
> working on making this happen from here on out.  I desperately want to
> demonstrate some streaming transformation action.  :)

So, welcome back abord :) and thanks to support C2 :)

You'll see that during your absent there have been many good ideas
created and some of them are allready realized or on the way.


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