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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject Re: Action proposal
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2000 21:15:03 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> Giacomo Pati wrote:
> > > I have to think more about this issue, I still have to "see" the thing
> > > from the outside and it's too foggy out there.
> >
> > Some parts of the proposal is still foggy to me too. Yes, please, think
> > about it too and suggest you visions (they are always very good) because
> > I see that Pete is far at the surface of the sitemap architecture which
> > is good for some aspects (because we might be too far inside) but is
> > sometimes a pain to explain how is should work :)) (hey, this is NO
> > offense to you Pete, its really allwright how it is :P)
> You know how I work... if you force the quantum state of my mind to
> collapse you are polluting the result... there is no such thing as the
> classic observer :)
> I'll throw some stones in the lake and see where they go...
> [...]
> > > Do me a favor: download the latest Avalon CVS and see if it works for
> > > you. If not, make sure you tell them sooner rather than later... I don't
> > > want to wait for another Avalon release.
> >
> > I'm already there (you should have seen my questions on the avalon list)
> > :P
> I know, I know... but I didn't hear your comments on the proposals I
> made.

To be honest, the hole ComponentManager discussion is too academic to me
and the fact that the discussion is long lasting enough prevents me to
comment further on. I really have to manage my time that I can spend on
Apache projects make me contributing on C2 only because I like it very
much and I want to make it a golden hammer (or a silver bullet at least
:). And I see the work we have to do in C2 now that
NamedComponentManager is nuked. 

Your proposals are ok so I don't have to comment on it. I know you would
like me to support Avalon as well because it is very fundamental but
this fundamentals at the point they have reached today is really not my

Well, I've made a comment today to show where my expectations are and
you'll see that they are at the point where I am looking for
implementation ease.

> > I also will completing the sitemap docs I've begun. Please be patient
> > with me I have a lot of other work to do these weeks.
> My patience is infinite (more or less), it's the rest of the people here
> that is not :)

Whom you say that. I might be one of the most unpatient one and have C2
working with all those beautifull things we've discussed so far earlier
rather that later. But I know myself very well and I will go on slowly
to make the systems design well.

BTW: I had a RT about the issues we discussed under this thread. Listen:

Now that we need to have a hierachical SitemapComponentManager to make
C2 scalable and reduce verbosity in the sitemap why can't we expose that
SitemapComponentManager to Components and let them build the pipeline
(or parts of it) programmatically, he he :) :) :)


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