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From Ross Burton <>
Subject Re: C2 documentation (was: [C1] The new FAQs...)
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2000 19:28:19 GMT
Hans Ulrich Niedermann wrote:

> How will this work btw? We were talking about migrating our docs to
> Docbook in the future but Docbook XSL stylesheets won't generate the
> Stylebook look & feel without major additions. And I
> don't have any idea of how to integrate Document DTD, Stylebook
> generated pages smoothly with Docbook DTD, Docbook XSL generated
> pages.

I'm +1 on using some form of DocBook for the documentation, using a
non-standard DTD when a standard one exists is silly.  However, DocBook
is rather complex but I have heard of the Simple Docbook DTD - how
"simple" is this, or should we create a custom Docbook DTD like the
Simple DTD.

Ross, contemplating buying the O'Really Docbook guide

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