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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [vote] 1.8 release proposal
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2000 15:17:40 GMT
Marc van Kempen wrote:
> > Okay, how about this for a schedule: (too formal, I know!) If anyone wants
> > to change it, better make it quick!
> >
> > * I'll commit what I've done so far on the FAQ tomorrow (Saturday), plus
> > some other minor changes. Unlike weekdays I can stay online for free all the
> > time at weekends, so I'll be able to get more done online.
> >
> > * Feature freeze 00:00 GMT (not BST) Monday - i.e. no new features, only
> > minor bugfixes and doc improvements
> >
> > * Around the same time I'll send emails to cocoon-users and cocoon-dev
> > asking for testers to download from CVS and test, and report back what
> > configuration they have and whether there were any problems. Testing period
> > will be four days, Monday to Thursday. Clearly users who want to be more
> > cautious can wait a while and read cocoon-users to discover anything that
> > comes up after release. I'm not planning to do significant testing myself,
> > but, if no-one else bothers - well, we can live with it.
> >
> Hi Robin,
> Why not prepare a testrelease? It'll be less work for people to test and
> you want to make the threshold as low as possible in order to get enough
> people to test this.

No, I tried this, it doesn't work.

Let's just do the release and continue fix the bugs as they appear.

The wise programmer know that 'beta is a state of mind' and 'final is
for their managers to sleep well'.

Real man do 'release -> find bug -> fix bug' and loop around it.

Alpha and beta should be enforced only when major rewriting take place,
which is clearly not the case for Cocoon 1.8-dev.

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