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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: changebars
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2000 13:17:24 GMT
Brian May wrote:
> Hello,
> I often wondered how you would go about integrating changebars into
> something like Cocoon2? By this, I mean the bars that appear in the
> margin of the text that indicate when the text has changed. At the
> moment I am assuming that DocBook format is used, but if possible any
> XML format should work ;-).
> LaTeX has something like this (chbar.sty and changebar.sty), but this
> is broken in many places, and I was wondering if a XML solution could
> be any better.
> IMHO, This is a difficult task, but has lots of applications.
> My thoughts on the matter. I think the task can be divided into 4
> steps:
> 1. keeping track of the different versions of a source XML file.  This
> could be done with CVS.
> 2. detecting changes in the XML file. This could be as simple as a
> diff operation, or as complicated as you want...
> 3. somehow marking up the XML file to indicate what has changed. inline?
> eg you could add a new attribute:
> <P haschanged="true">text that has changed</P>
> or put XPath entries into another file:
> <changed location="/article/section[2]/para[3]"/>
> <deleted location="/article/section[2]/para[4]"/>
> I think the 2nd might be better, as it doesn't mean changing the
> original XML file in anyway. However, even this has the limitation
> that the minimum marked is one element.
> (the deleted thing probably wont work... see if you can work out why!
> oh well...)
> 4. displaying the changebars. Not sure if this is even possible in
> HTML...  Perhaps something else could be used instead (eg different
> text formatting or something).
> Comments anyone?
> Is this even feasible with C2?

Would be cool to have it, but in my TODO list would get the lowest
priority ever: you already have CVS, wouldn't it be easier to have a CVS
generators that prints this information in XML direclty?

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