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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Problem with Xalan1 and namespaces
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2000 11:09:51 GMT wrote:

> > Anyway, I wanted to use Xalan2 instead of Xalan1, can you give us an
> > update on its usability/functionality/stability?
> It's getting there, though were working on an issue now with DOM-to-DOM
> conversions that might be a show-stopper for you.

Well, we'd like to so SAX-to-SAX instead, that's the thing.

> There are also some things with extensions that might be problematic.

No problem, extensions are not that important right now.

> Out of 1200 conformance
> tests we still have about 200 fails.  xml-stylesheet and fragment handling
> is not fully implemented yet.

We will ignore xml-stylesheet anyway... ok, sounds good enough, I'll
give it a try ASAP.
> My advice would be to go ahead and integrate, and then scream when things
> don't work.  The squeaky wheel gets the grease.  And it would help us to
> have you guys up and running, in order to better know where we fall short.

Yes, this is exactly why I wanted to X-Mozilla-Status: 0009iggest priority this week is to
get performance measurements going.

That might help us finding the priority.

For the tests I've made, for C2, 85% of the time of a simple
parser/transform/serialize pipeline is spent on Xalan code. 110ms out of
130. This is clearly too much but we are neither using stylesheet
compilation nor SAX (and you can tell from verbose GC that the objects
created are _way_ too many for a good server side operation).

But a carefully optimized system is very likely to reduce time to about
50ms total, or even less if carefully optimized for server side hotspot

Ok, the numbers might not seem high, but it takes 300ms to create the
same page on Cocoon1 on the same machine: we are talking about 600%
speed improvement!!! Or, if you like it, a sixth of the silicon for the
same job.

And if you don't think this is enough to move to C2, well, I can't think
of anything else :)

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