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From Zvi <>
Subject Re: [C2]Access control using sitemap
Date Sun, 10 Sep 2000 19:56:35 GMT

Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:


> > Aggregation means the method through which multiple pipelines are merged to
> > produce 1 oupput. Currently cocoon has support for 1 pipeline producing
> > multiple outputs but no support for multiple pipelines producing one
> > output. (thou you can do it with certain hacks and perhaps via XInclude -
> > it is not easy).
> ???
> Do you seriously think that something like this
>  <page>
>   <sitebar xinclude:href="/sitebar"/>
>   <body>
>    blah blah
>   </body>
>  </page>
> is too hard to use?

not so hard, but it's on the individual page level, in my app I need take the XML
fragment of sidebar and transform it with XSLT and only then iclude into document.
Especially highly needed, ability to programmaticaly call XSPs, i.e. include XSP
inside other XSP without internal HTTP requests. I think better to do that at
sitemap level, example:

  <match type="uri" pattern="myapp/**">
        <vaiable name="sitebar">
          <generate src="myapp/sitebar.xml"/>
          <transform src="myapp/sitebar.xsl"/>
        <vaiable name="footer">
          <generate src="myapp/footer.xml"/>
          <transform src="myapp/footer.xsl"/>
        <generate src="myapp/page.xml">
            <param name="sitebar" value="$sitebar"/>
            <param name="footer" value="$footer"/>
        <transform src="myapp/page.xsl"/>
         <serialize type="html"/>

In short we need aggregation on the sitemap level and not only on the individual XSP
page level.

Best Regards,

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