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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Content view separation... are we making a mess? ;-)
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2000 04:30:55 GMT
At 11:53  19/9/00 -0400, you wrote:
>> Generation is the act of producting XML content without XML input
>Generation is part of transformation.  XSP also "transforms" in the sense
>that it is often consuming some data.  The only difference is that the
>input data is not constrained to be tree-shaped.

umm not sure where you coming from but Generation is not part of
transformation - go look in a dictionary. XSLT allows input data not to be
tree shaped as well via extentions. So in many ways XSLT and XSP are

>> Transformation is the act of "consuming" XML content to "produce" XML
>> content
>Transformation, as defined in XSLT, is the act of consuming one or more
>source trees.  That source tree could be directly produced from a database,
>or could be simply an empty root node.

gee that makes a lot of sense. Any wonder why I can hardly get people to
adopt xsl/xml solutions. "Anything is a transformation, going from nothing
to something is a transformation, reading from a file and building a tree
is a transformation". When custom extentions become standardised the XSLT
will not differentiate between all these different aspects and things like
reading and querying a database is just a custom XSLT tag - ie it
transforms query into results.

Theoretically almost any arbitary program can be written using XSLT with
standardized extentions and it makes little to no sense to me to call it a
styling language when it doesn't style - it transforms or it generates. CSS
is a styling language, xslt transforms from one tree to another.



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