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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: [C2]Access control using sitemap
Date Mon, 11 Sep 2000 13:53:18 GMT
At 10:58  9/9/00 +0200, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>And calling java methods from XSLT extentions or using WebMacro like
>templating is not a better solution either, since all have pros and
>cons. There is no silver bullet.

just curious but what are the cons for a template approach. I have only
barely played with that and it was a custom solution a few years ago (when
I didn't mind hacks :P). I would love to to have XML templating + CSS
styling (rather than icky icky xslt) - so tell me why thats a bad idea :P

>> For instance the sitemap may pass incoming data down one
>> action path - the path may result in one of 5 outwards bound
>> publishing pipelines. The action can place magic-data
>> in context to say which pipeline to choose etc.
>> Does that make any sense ? :P
>Yes, but there is a problem with your vision: pipelines are _not_ chains
>of actions. You cannot (and should not) have run-time pipeline
>composition, otherwise the whole sitemap model falls apart.


>The Turbine-like functionality can be perfectly stored into a complex
>generator and leave the pipeline untouched.

the problem with that is that actions are independent of any resource chain
- and you would have to aggregate actions into one generator - which
defeats purpose of component based engineering.

>Agreed, but you seem to imply with your mail that action-orientated
>processing is not of our concern.. which is, indeed, not the case... we
>just want to finish up the core before doing anything inside sitemap

ok - my mistake :P

>No, you should get your hand dirty and make proposals. This is what
>you've done in Avalon and it worked well, didn't it? When you have time
>and energy you should do the same here to scratch your itches.

well it look slike I prolly will - at least when I start working on that
stuff :P



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