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From Marc van Kempen <>
Subject How scalable is Cocoon?
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT

I'm investigating the possibility of building an Intranet for 
500 users using Cocoon. What we want to do is to build a document editor
based on XML. The XML data will be stored in an Oracle database
en will be published using Cocoon. Only a limited group of people will
actually use the editor, the majority of the users will use the Intranet
to view documents.
The documents will contain information to be used by the users for their
daily work, i.e. procedures and information. 

Is cocoon up to this kind of servicing? (We are looking at cocoon 1.7.4,
or 1.8 once we get it installed)

If so, the target hardware is an HP machine, running HPUX, could you 
recommend what kind of hardware in terms of CPU and Memory requirement I would

Do you need more information to give an estimate?

Kind regards,

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