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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject RE: [C2]Access control using sitemap
Date Wed, 20 Sep 2000 09:03:36 GMT

--- Neeme Praks <> wrote:
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Nicola Ken Barozzi []
> > Sent: Tuesday, September 19, 2000 4:39 PM
> [sniped lot of valuable information]
> Actually, after writing the above description, I realize that the
> process in reversed in reality: the topmost controller starts
> processing
> the XML file and then hands of requests to controls to generate
> themselves.

I honestly have only surface knowledge of Jetspeed. The PSML file turns
out to be the source of the Jetspeed UI content and can be
pre-processed by a XSP to form a XML document suitable for further
transformation processes that represent the Jetspeed back-end. Maybe an
example shows what I mean:

  <!-- catch you URI space -->
  <map:match pattern="jetspeed/**">

    <!-- perform request checking and provide information
         to the xsp-generator and transformer using the 
         objectModel Map (this is the equivalence of the runData 
         object in Turbine) and the sitemap for substitution 
         in src= attribute (by having your action return a List of
         substitution values) 
    <map:act type="check-for-personalized-psml>

      <!-- process the input which is specified with replacement
           expressions. The {../1} is what the matcher has extracted
           out of the uri at the "**" places above. The {1} is what 
           the previous action has provided in the List to the 
           sitemap engine
      <map:generate type="xsp" src="jetspeed/{../1}/{1}.psml"/>

      <!-- The following transformer is the jetspeed backend engine
           implemented as a SAX tranformer (I have no idea if this 
           is suitable for jetspeed, it's only my suggestion how it
           could be worked out)
      <map:transform type="jetspeed-transformer"
        <parameter name="anything" value="you-need"/>
      <map:transform type="xslt" src="jetspeed/psml2html.xsl"/>

You can enhance this example with BrowserSelector to choose the
appropriate stylesheet and serializer for you requestors capabilities
but I think you can see how it can be achieved. C1 is a XML publishing
framework but C2 extends this to a component based application
framework. Thus don't expect C2 will have a solution for every need at
the sitemap level. C2 will give you simple Component Interfaces for you
to implement your needs and stick together in the sitemap. If you need
application logic you have to code it in java (not in sitemap)


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