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From Sebastien Sahuc <>
Subject Re: re problem with xalan1 and namespaces@8
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2000 09:45:56 GMT
Giacomo wrote :
> I've done some testings too and found that DOM support is somehow
> lacking in Xalan2 and this is extremely needed in the XSP engine. SAX
> support seems to be ok for Transformers so far.

So it won't be a problem to use Xalan 2 inside XSP. Indeed you just need 
to produce SAX events from a Dom tree when feeding the source to the XSL 
processor, and then build the result DOM  tree from generated SAX events. 
Does it make sense ?

By the way, why don't we get rid of these DOM tree in XSP ? Indeed it's 
just a matter of transforming XML source though couple of transformers 
don't you think ?

All the best,


> > Integrating Xalan2 is still a strong goal for me, so I'll be actively
> > working on making this happen from here on out.  I desperately want to
> > demonstrate some streaming transformation action.  :)

> So, welcome back abord :) and thanks to support C2 :)

> You'll see that during your absent there have been many good ideas
> created and some of them are allready realized or on the way.

> Giacomo

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